The Good Fight

An app on a mission to find the
kindest city in America.

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The state of the states

Kind acts happening live across the nation.
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The Top Ten
Total Points
-Adjusted per capita-
Rank Points Kindness Level
Madison WI 51298
Los Angeles CA 40269
Cleveland OH 20987
Detriot MI 18197
Portland ME 15987
Austin TX 10587
Chicago IL 9741
Boston MA 9158
Albuquerque NM 987
Coeur d’Alene ID 201

Kindness is easy

  • Pay the toll for
    the car behind you
  • Smile at a
  • Give a
  • Pick up
    a piece of trash
  • Give food or money
    to the homeless
  • Put change in
    an expired parking meter
  • Volunteer
    at a shelter
  • Donate
  • Visit
    a retirement home
  • Offer your seat
    to someone standing
  • Leave change
    in a vending machine
  • Donate books
    and clothing
  • Share The Good Fight
    with friends and family
  • Help
    your neighbors
  • Call
    a family member
  • Send
    thank you cards
  • Bring flowers or a meal
    to someone sick
  • Plant
    a tree
  • Share
    inspiring stories
  • Offer
    to lend a hand
  • Buy coffee
    for a coworker
  • Write kind comments
    on social media
  • Be
  • Give advice
    to a friend
  • Remember to say
    Thank you
  • Hold the door
    for others

The original good fighters

These resource centers are doing incredible acts of kindness. Take a minute to learn more about them and help support their cause.

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